What is 5S?
5S is a systametic approach to workplace organization and housekeeping. Encouraging ownership and self discipline to sustain and develop working practices.

It aims to:
Improve Safety
Remove waste from the workplace
Increase quality
Provide an environment where continuous improvement is embraced
Makes abnormalities immediately visible

Steps of 5S:
Seiri-Sort (Clearing)
Clearly seperating from necessary from unnecessary, and remove unnecessary.

Seiton-Set in order (Configure)
Visually arrange and identify items for ease of use and retrieval.

Seiso-Shine and check (Clean & Check)
Clean the workplace clean(not pretty) to allow problems to be identified.

Seiketsu-Standardise (Confirmity)
Continually monitor the level of clearing, organising and cleaning.

Shitsuk-Sustain-(Custom and Practice-Consensus)
Work towards a shared set of values regarding, clearing, organising and cleaning.

Origin if 5S:
Not Japanese!
Originated from Ford!
       Ongoing Improvement

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