Maris Associates Private Limited founded in 1987, produces and exports a complete range of polypropylene woven sacks and FIBCs. With a vertically integrated production system, Maris has acquired some of the most modern equipment for manufacturing Paper - PP sandwich bags, circular woven sacks, regular FIBCs, ventilated FIBCs, and Type C FIBCs.

Unique as we are, Maris is a family owned and managed company, with the highest levels of professionalism and total commitment to quality, efficiency, safety, and welfare, and follows the industry's best practices. MARIS consistently meets the highest standards in quality, service and reliability while still being very competitive. Innovation, improvisation and perfection define every process and system and are reflected in every product that rolls out of Maris. Our production line is versatile and is one of our strengths that enable us to produce any type of bag.

State-of-the-art technology and a motivated work force implementing Total Quality Management has been our key to success in various markets around the world.

At Maris, every process is constantly under review for potential upgradation/ automation and every opportunity is utilised to implement current proven technologies available across the world. A hands-on approach of our process has enabled us implement unique modifications even in the most modern machinery – which were required to meet various quality standards.

Maris also has successfully implemented an ERP system that enables us to plan, process & track the workflow and efficiencies of various processes. With dedicated IT personnel and terminals at each processing unit, the system is constantly updated for real-time monitoring of activities and status of each job / order. The system enables us to also track every bag to the operator involved in each stage of its manufacture.

Our in-house R & D department works with each customer, to design and develop each product for optimum strength, handling ease and handling safety. A system is in place for understanding the application, simulation of application, trial production of materials and testing, on approval defining process of production to specifications, monitoring of production and testing, all with due interaction and feedback from the customers.

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